NotionPaper vs. Hexo vs. Wordpress

Create At: 2022-10-28 05:33:00

The reason I made NotionPaper is because I found that:

  1. “Traditional” blogging platforms, such as Wordpress, costs money to deploy. You’ll need a VPS, or pay hosting fees for those Wordpress hosting providers;
  2. Although you could host a static version of your site by using some static sites generator plug-ins on Wordpress, you it requires some certain level of knowledgeto do so;
  3. Static site generators based on Markdowns solved this problem, however, tbh, the Markdown writing experience is not that good;
  4. Notion is a great tool, however, we both know you need to subscribe to it share your site with your own domain, and let search engines to index your site.

Now let me share with you - NotionPaper, it can:

  1. Lower your cost: you could host the site on free hosting services like Netlify or Github Page;
  2. Improve your writing experience: writing on Notion is the most smoothest among all the platforms I’ve ever used;

My comparisons:

NotionPaper NOWNotionHexo, JekyllWordpress with static site generator
Extra cost😀 Barely😐 You need to subscribe in order to your own domain and let search engines index😀 Tons of free hosting services😀 Tons of free hosting services
Prerequisite knowledge😀 Barely😀 Barely🙁 You need to know: 1. how to use Markdown; 2. how to use Node; 3. how to use Git🙁 You need to know: 1. how deploy a wordpress service; 2. how to use Git
Extensibility😀 High potential🙁 Reply on Notion officials😀 Active communities😀 Active communities
Customizability😀 High potential🙁 No😐 meh😀
Writing experience😀 Excellent, since you write on Notion😀 Excellent🙁😀 Good